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                    New energy vehicles will have a special auto insurance

                    Held by China Insurance Association, "New Energy Vehicle Insurance Development Conference" was held today. According to Zhu Jinyuan, president of China Insurance Association, China Insurance Association will bring together the strengths of insurance and automobile industries, launch special research on the formulation of exclusive terms for new-energy automobile insurance, risk pricing and claims settlement techniques, increase the supply of insurance products, To meet the diverse needs of the market.

                    According to report, Insurance Regulatory Commission Property Insurance Regulatory Department has organized task force on the new energy vehicles related risks from a pre-insurance perspective. The conclusions include: First, technology maturity and popularity directly affect the cost of vehicle claims. Second, the battery characteristics lead to more spontaneous combustion than conventional fuel vehicles. Third, the hybrid car body weight to enhance passenger safety inside the car. Fourth, low noise when driving the car is not conducive to the protection of pedestrian safety. Fifth, some manufacturers recovered accident batteries, so that the real risks can not be fully exposed. Sixth, there are differences in the risk characteristics of users of new energy vehicles. According to the relevant survey, female consumers are more inclined to choose new energy vehicles than male consumers, young consumers are more willing to purchase new energy vehicles.

                    He Hao, deputy director of China Insurance Regulatory Commission, Department of Property Insurance Supervision, said: "As an important part of the automotive market, new energy vehicle insurance will become an emerging auto insurance market segments to better meet the car owners in this new area of protection In addition, the new energy vehicles exclusive extended warranty insurance and charging pile insurance will also face a huge market demand. "