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                    August 8, the first batch of domestic new energy bus has been operating for eight years!

                    Fu Gong News: August 8, 2017, a normal day!


                    However, for the new energy automotive industry, this day is full of meaning. In January 2009, the full name of "ten city ten thousand" energy-saving and new energy vehicle demonstration and application project started in Beijing, the main content is through the provision of financial subsidies, plans to use 3 years or so, the annual development of 10 cities The city launched 1,000 new energy vehicles to carry out demonstration operation, involving these large and medium cities in the bus, rental, business, municipal, postal and other fields, and strive to make the national new energy vehicle operating scale to 2012 accounted for 10% The

                    It is also "ten city ten thousand" project, opened a large number of new energy vehicles in China to promote the prelude. And Hangzhou as the first batch of ten cities planned to be one of the 13 demonstration cities, driven by the new energy vehicle demonstration industry chain, but also deserved to become the city following Alibaba after another "business card."


                    August 8, 2009, the first batch of demonstration of the promotion of hybrid buses in Hangzhou bus on the line. As an important early confirmation of the development of new energy vehicles, these gold passenger cars carrying the Fukushima power system are undoubtedly labeled as "demonstration", "characteristics", "government key projects" and many other labels. However, the dazzling label, has also become the past, these bus buses really to the history of China's new energy vehicles brought, is a large number of super capacitor products in the vehicle power system application valuable experience; is the domestic use of BSG on the engine system ; More fuel economy is more than 32%, the vehicle is still in good condition to maintain a good state of the data.

                    As the first batch of domestic hybrid commercial vehicle batch application and put into the market, safe driving for eight years, so far all the vehicles are still operating the bus, deep hidden behind is from a dare to fight the bus business - Xiamen gold brigade; more from a new energy vehicle in the field of power system has always been courageous private enterprises - Fu workers power.



                    Fu workers power is the earliest in the new energy bus power system development and production of one of the companies. In February 2016, successfully entered the strategic investors, deserved to become the power of the hybrid power Technology Co., Ltd. for the commercial vehicle power system platform bridgehead.And the common research and development of commercial vehicle hybrid system, is the first independent research and development of the planetary gear power shunt hybrid system.

                    According to the labor force sales manager Lin Sheng Yang said: "Fu Gong power joint Xiamen gold brigade, early for the Hangzhou market to promote the hybrid system, has changed over time, has become the domestic new energy bus power system development history milestone However, these new energy vehicles in the actual operation of the accumulation of technical data and development concept, can also be said that the daughter does not change! It is also with these precipitation, only Keli far hybrid power vehicle power system platform, for (PS details click Here, the reference to the commercial vehicle power system configuration data) dynamic system configuration of the successful development.

                    Followed by the November 21, the annual strength of the workforce with an annual output of 30,000 sets of new energy commercial vehicle power system assembly ceremony held in Xiamen. After the expansion, the labor force also has the most advanced new energy commercial vehicle motor, electronic control R & D and production base, built nickel-hydrogen battery pack production line, new energy cruise system production line, and advanced energy storage materials national engineering research Center Xiamen sub-center, successfully enter the international market. And rely on commercial vehicle power system platform FGHEV5.0-18000 system (ie 18000 system, the same below) product project also started.


                    In fact, in the "double integral" under the joint action, the new energy vehicles "exit subsidy mechanism, turn to policy guidance" is an indisputable fact. At this time, for the market in line with subsidies to offset the expected product is expected to return. According to the official news of the labor force, equipped with Fuji Power FGHEV5.0-18000 hybrid system bus, is currently in full swing in preparation, will be in the year to market. The system based on the planetary displacement of the mechanical transmission configuration derived a new power system, will jump the original ISG hybrid system, directly into the sequence of highly integrated gearbox. At the same time, equipped with FG5.0 system hybrid bus, in the case of non-plug-in, the actual fuel economy has reached more than 40% in the 4000N.m high torque so that 10-12 meters of vehicle climbing degree can reach 30% , With the world-class power system comparable.


                    1, platform, modular

                    FGHEV5.0-18000 system will undoubtedly become an important part of the domestic new energy commercial vehicle power system after subsidizing the land reclamation. This type of plug-in hybrid system based on the E-CVT continuously variable transmission of the double planetary row composite shunt can be used in ordinary hybrid and pure electric as long as it is slightly modified. And the system volume is only ISG system and AMT system volume of 1/3, is the modular and platform-based power system development of choice.

                    2, excellent handling

                    No matter what type of hybrid system, to achieve high fuel economy, no more than two points. First, the pure electric drive mode becomes the main power mode of the drive system; secondly, the problem of the engine operating area is solved during the driving process. There is no doubt that the planetary row of the type of power system after the introduction, will greatly overcome the above problems, so that the actual operating conditions of urban roads fuel economy can reach 40% -50%.

                    At the same time, according to tram research, in addition to CVT and E-CVT CVT, the use of ISG and AMT hybrid system, commercial vehicles will appear a few seconds of power interruption, frustration is serious, power output irregularity will lead to Poor handling performance. The double-planetary row of composite E-CVT continuously variable transmission hybrid system, you can solve the power interruption problem, excellent ride comfort, comfort and handling performance.

                    3, power complex shunt

                    At present, ISG hybrid and AMT gearbox parallel hybrid system, are pure electric start, when the power is sufficient when the first electricity, less than the braking energy recovery power. The use of double planetary composite shunt hybrid system, according to traffic conditions and power analysis automatically, is to take a better electric driving or take the engine to drive, road conditions and fuel economy is superb.