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                    The market rebounded sales steadily, to see how to help the power of the new energy bus industry


                    The company's economy in the first quarter won a total of about 10,000 pure electric parts orders.

                    The first quarter of Fu Gong to win such excellent results, fully benefit from the previous market in the accumulation of good reputation and further down the quality. As one of the earliest companies engaged in the development and production of new energy passenger power system, the current Fuqiang power has formed a hybrid system assembly, pure electric system assembly, vehicle controller, triple controller, four in one power supply Converter product architecture. Products are widely used in Yutong, Jinlong, Jinshu, Yaxing, Ankai, Zhongtong and other 33 large passenger car factory, and more than 100 cities in the country operation.

                    Today, the new energy bus industry as a whole ushered in a new turn for the better, need to be attributed to the following aspects: First, because the current major car prices for policy adjustments to do the cost control, vehicle adjustment and other work, scheduling projects are basically completed; Second, the second half of the bus companies and government procurement tender began to start in batches, is conducive to stimulate the market; Third, the second half of the year, Fourth, the major car prices and operating units for subsidies to adjust and 30,000 km, launched a more optimized business model, will greatly promote the market sales.

                    The industry is also generally bullish the second half of the new energy bus market sales. Deputy Secretary-General Xu Yanhua said that in the second half, the relevant policies have been clear, the new energy bus market will achieve steady growth. China and Thailand Securities researcher analysis, said from the market segment, the current sales bottlenecks mainly in the field of new energy commercial vehicles. Therefore, the new energy bus as the main force of new energy vehicles is the new energy vehicle index fell the main factors. But the electric market trend of the bus market is irreversible, the annual sales of new energy passenger cars can still be optimistic, from previous years, new energy passenger car sales trend, the majority of orders will erupt in the second half.

                    Bus sales sources said the first two months, the car company received a new energy bus orders began to increase, in accordance with the order to delivery needs nearly two months to count, is expected this year 7-8 months, the new energy bus market sales Began to boost. More people in the industry through statistical analysis of data to predict: 2017 China's new energy passenger car sales will be more than 100,000!

                    10 million sales just around the corner, but the premise is the car prices together with the effort, hand in hand. As with the welfare of the same industry, while the introduction of customer satisfaction to the high-performance products to establish a reputation for quality products; while the integration of relevant resources, seek cooperation, and constantly improve the entire energy-saving and new energy vehicle powertrain industry chain. It is reported that the current Fugong Power has been developed to complete the FG5.0 system is in a tight final test phase, will fully cover the 6 m -12 m urban buses, logistics vehicles and sanitation vehicles and other commercial vehicles, and in the photovoltaic energy storage, the new Energy cruise ships, nickel-metal hydride batteries pack and other fields have developed. Like this two-pronged approach in order to further accelerate the field of new energy bus applications and marketing, promote industrial development, driving sales growth.