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                    The new energy vehicle not only now struggling, need more poetry and distance

                       In April 1st, the Ministry issued the third batch of this year recommended directory, several recommended list issued by the frequency very intriguing and with the fall of the recommended list, production and sales activities can further focus, but the decline in subsidies in the environment, in the current step of purchasing cost reduction, cost reduction and technology a task.

                        In the 2017 of the industrial revolution, as a power unit of the system integration enterprise, how to change the pressure as a driving force, not only to achieve the target when the cost drop, but also the layout of the future competition.

                    Subsidies boost new energy vehicles soaring, no subsidies will be how to develop?

                        In the leading countries of the government, China has become the world's new energy cars in the largest countries, but the implementation of subsidy policy is not in a good role in technology innovation and development, the core technology strength of China's new energy automotive industry in the world is not only among the best, and even behind the trend, the important mission of new energy vehicle the same is endowed with energy saving and emission reduction, but the EU reference definition of zero emission standard is not difficult to find the location of new energy vehicle in our country early technical route to a pure electric inevitably biased, the core competition of the future will be the power synthesis box, driving the total become the foundation of electronic control, battery competition.

                    Zhang Deping, director of technical center of Fu Gong Power Technology Co., Ltd.

                        How to adapt to the existing market environment and policies to meet the competition in the immediate market?

                        Since the opening, in the policy of "haze", new energy vehicles, the overall market performance is relatively low, the commercial vehicle sector trend lower, in response to the current market and policy environment, Zhang Deping said, need to meet the downstream suppliers by Fu engineering cost reduction and quality and to the concrete, from the following points to deal with the fierce market competition.

                        1, according to customer demand, actively deploy downstream supplier resources, strictly control costs;

                    Rely on market good reputation and quality products, in the first quarter to win more than 10000 orders, to enhance market share.

                        2, actively optimize the product technology program, improve product performance, to reduce customer costs;

                        1) to improve performance, the overall effectiveness rate is further improved;

                        2) increase the rate of oil saving, and make the rate of fuel saving reach 60%;

                        3) further enhance the stability, improve stability, reduce the use of components, but also play a cost reduction purposes.

                        How to adapt to the future, face the post subsidy era, and face the global competition?

                        It is understood that, at present, the main application of hybrid power system technology in China is not less than the following: parallel type, ISG hybrid system, planetary platoon based hybrid system. Three kinds of power systems have their own advantages, and the market response has also been said, but the industry has also reached a consensus, with transmission drive system program is better than direct drive system.

                        However, the gearbox has been a short board in our country, at the same time and different commercial vehicle passenger car, torque, speed, volume and weight are different, so how will be the perfect combination of gearbox, motor and engine has become a major goal of the flagship hybrid system of enterprise.

                        Corun, Chongqing Changan Yunnei power co founded CHS company, the company developed a series of products and TOYOTA CHS hybrid THS II hybrid system and general Voltec hybrid system is similar to that of the planetary gear power of China's first self-developed split R & D, production and application of hybrid power system of the leading technology, the product has been used in the Geely EC7 passenger car hybrid vehicle.

                        Zhang Deping said that Fu FG5.0-18000 commercial vehicle platform derived CHS passenger dual planetary hybrid system platform based on 8~12 bus can cover the meters and different tonnage of new energy buses, and all products in strict accordance with the national standard level of protection to the standards of IP67, some even higher than the standard "safety requirements for electric bus".

                        According to Zhang Deping introduced, this whole set of CHS system uses pull Wella planetary platoon compound shunt structure, more than TOYOTA single row more freedom, also more more choice, the whole vehicle system efficiency is higher.

                    Fu Gong power FG5.0-18000 system


                        This system is based on plug-in hybrid system development, but E-CVT CVT Based on dual planetary composite shunt ensures platform scalability and adaptability, such as through the speed planetary realization of pure electric and hybrid conversion application.

                        The oil market is more concerned about the problem, Zhang Deping said, the output torque of the FG5.0-18000 system of 3000Nm wheel torque can reach 18000Nm, suitable for 1.5-2.5L engine displacement, and planetary style into the dynamic system effectively solves the problem of driving engine work efficiency, working oil saving rate can reach 40%-50%.

                        A hybrid system of commercial vehicle Fugong main force, but the pure hybrid car is not incorporated into the state subsidies for new energy vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles have subsidies, but for the fuel saving rate is high, the new subsidy standards for the technical indicators, 60% of the fuel saving rate become the blessing.

                        Although subsidies for new energy vehicles, the number of China's new energy vehicles across the world automobile industry to achieve a breakthrough, the first camp, but both energy saving and new energy is an important direction of development, production and sales of automobile industry is still the main commercial conventional energy vehicles in china. At the same time, if the future of the country to relax in the implementation of the provisions, fuel consumption slowdown on the development of new energy vehicles to support the policy, the domestic market will also be affected, so whether the development of pure electric, plug-in or fuel cell, the first to enter the enterprise though Zhandexianji, but if the subsidy driven enterprise is higher than the desire to survive it is difficult to achieve sustainable development of the industry. So the new energy vehicles, the immediate needs of the struggling, need more poetry and distance.