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                    The National People's Congress, corun chairman Zhong Faping about hybrid demonstration

                    The National People's Congress, Hunan Keli far new energy Limited by Share Ltd chairman Zhong Faping guest people.com.cn

                    Time: March 4th 14:00-14:40

                    Venue: People's network studio hall

                    Topic: what does the hybrid vehicle demonstration operation bring to the city?

                    Guest: Zhong Faping, National People's Congress, chairman of Hunan corun new energy Limited by Share Ltd.

                    The following is an interview record:

                    [People's Web]: good friends, welcome attention to people.com.cn NPC and CPPCC chat show, today we are very honored to have invited to the National People's Congress, corun Group Chairman Mr. Zhong Faping, Hello, welcome to the clock, say hello to the friends people.com.cn. [17:38]

                    [Zhong Faping]:Hello, everybody's net friends, good afternoon. [17:40]

                    [People's Web]:I know you last year is self driving kelixin hybrid cars to Beijing to NPC and CPPCC this year, how did you come? [17:41]

                    [Zhong Faping]: with good news: this year is over, we NPC and CPPCC since last year, I drove alone carrying corun hybrid powertrain "core power" car is the best car Geely EC7 Beijing meeting about the experience of performance of hybrid electric vehicle driving oil and electricity. I feel very good, I also do some experience last year. [17:42]

                    [Zhong Faping]:today I give you netizens report, our last year in the more than 10 city promotion of hybrid cars, especially in the public travel market, for example in the taxi, in the car, the net is a bit about the car, in the city bus market, we do a positive promotion in Shenzhen, Foshan, Wuhan, Xi'an, Chengdu, Changsha the city, has been extended more than 2000 hybrid cars, the feeling is very good, especially in energy saving and emission reduction and the reduction of PM2.5 emission has a huge economic effect, the product is verified, the reliability of the product but also to get some confirmation. [17:42]

                    [People's Web]: since you mentioned the operation of the hybrid demonstration business, it has brought so many benefits to our city. What measures do you think the country should take to promote the project? [17:42]

                    [Zhong Faping]: the development of energy-saving and new energy vehicles is the mainstream of the world, the actual point of view, choose which route, finally decided by the market, not by the policy decision is ultimately determined by ordinary people and consumers. What decisions do the people and consumers use? He must be the price performance ratio, is input and output, is not a small investment has very good effect, especially in energy saving and emission reduction, energy saving, emission reduction is money saving, emission reduction and environmental improvement is PM2.5. PM2.5 is still a major natural enemy in urban health. How can we have more effective emission reduction with less investment, especially in the PM2.5 emission reduction, which needs to be tested by practice. [17:47]

                    [Zhong Faping]:we through such a demonstration is to tell you, in addition to new energy vehicles in the country to vigorously promote the pure electric drive, is a direction of energy saving and emission reduction, hybrid electric vehicle is a good option, especially in the economic and practical, especially in the price performance than have the advantage. Last year's demonstration operation to bring you what good news? In more than 10 cities, more than 2000 drivers driving experience brought about by the effect, it really brings them benefits. Taxi drivers, for example, cut their costs by almost half the cost of traditional fuel vehicles, and the benefits they earned were solid. We give an example, like forty thousand dollars a year to earn a taxi driver in Shenzhen, after using our hybrid cars, he can earn seventy thousand dollars now earn more than 30000, this is a great success. From the improvement of PM2.5 emissions, the PM2.5 of automobile exhaust emissions can be reduced by more than 2/3, which is also a great achievement. [17:47]

                    [People's Web]:we also want to know, and compared to pure electric vehicles, our hybrid car what are the advantages? In the area of public travel? [17:49]

                    [Zhong Faping]: we all know that the public travel market, the car is in the running state, if your battery is not too good, you have to keep charging, charging one or two times a day may, charging time to two or three hours or more, it is very troublesome to travel, that is to say wait. You know, waiting for the public travel market taxi drivers, the direct impact is its economic benefits. [17:49]

                    [Zhong Faping]:Zhong Faping benefits is the use of hybrid electric vehicle, it is indeed not so much investment. Now, the cost of hybrid electric vehicles and fuel vehicles is only 10-15%, unlike new energy vehicles, almost double the cost. For example, about 100000 cars, new energy vehicles is about 200000, hybrid force is our expensive ten thousand or twenty thousand dollars, so people can still count jingjizhang, it cost one or two years back, especially a taxi, basically a year and put it into the back. Therefore, the future of energy-saving emission reduction, such an effect, are directly related to their own interests. [17:50]

                    [People's Web]:our hybrid vehicles and pure electric vehicles, fuel vehicles compared to the combination of the advantages of the two of them, but also avoid some of their shortcomings. You just told us that corun and Geely Changan car also co founded the corun Hybrid Technology Co. Ltd, and common development of the depth of the CHS hybrid powertrain project, we want to know more about the project to set up the background and current development status? [17:50]

                    [Zhong Faping]:at present, the development of China's automobile industry is facing a big challenge, it is how to achieve our traditional auto transition and upgrading, namely we often say the new energy come from the old energy or inertia, how to switch over. In this process, corun company has been wanted to be able to find the value and orientation of us in such a transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry in Chinese. So, we hand through the independent research and development, technology innovation, National Engineering Research Center for advanced research and development based on our constantly, and actively participate in the international high-end industrial division, such as joint ventures and our products into their supply chain system with TOYOTA and Honda. In addition, the independent research and development of hybrid powertrain system process, and combined with the domestic automobile, Geely Automobile and Changan Yunnei power (Yunnei power is an engine very famous enterprise), we jointly established with independent intellectual property rights Chinese hybrid electric vehicle industry platform. It is on this platform to allow more OEMs to share oil electric hybrid powertrain technology. This technology is a system integration technology, relatively difficult, we joint research, collaborative research, joint innovation. It is gratifying that Geely imperial EC7 already listed, also get a good response, especially in the public travel market last year, in a taxi and car about network by the vast number of consumers, especially the driver. There will be a bigger show this year. [17:50]

                    [Zhong Faping]:so we have such a joint innovation, system integration, joint research, this road is on the look, the advantages of integration in the platform, integrated over the future, let the industry share as soon as possible, to achieve the traditional car, the other is the various manufacturers of traditional auto upgrade, help them enhance this power, quickly let the transformation of China's traditional auto upgrade into the fast lane, there are about six or seven automobile companies and we conducted in-depth cooperation, ready to shift their car for hybrid electric vehicle. [17:51]

                    [People's Web]: you just said corun Japan also has a branch, you have to look to some European and American countries? [17:51]

                    [Zhong Faping]: we all have our branch offices in Japan and the United States, our research institute in japan. Corun from the outset aimed at an international market. There are many companies around the government baton all the time, of course, not to say that the government does not revolve around the baton, but you only around the government baton. The government says I can give you a subsidy, and your two eyes stare at the government subsidy, which is very dangerous. Your two eyes, the most important thing is to keep a close eye on global markets and customers, and focus on the trend of global industry development. That's what a good entrepreneur should do. For example, the state introduced in particularly good to encourage new energy vehicles, pure electric vehicle industry policy, so a lot of the car factory will flock to this money at all, but there are also some biased phenomenon, to engage in speculation at. This will seriously deviate from the laws of the market economy, you this enterprise has entered a no road of return. Corun company stared at the global energy conservation and new energy vehicle market trends, the mind in such cars, especially the depth of hybrid cars, stared at the forefront of internationalization, and actively participate in the international high-end industrial division, so we have not been abandoned. In recent years, corun's development, is such a process is the globalization, the international high-end industrial division chain with walking, and new energy vehicles not to follow the government's financial subsidies go. This will be very rational focus on customers, customers forced us to enterprise management progress, technological progress, this is a bright road. [17:51]

                    [Zhong Faping]: now the government should promote the reform of the supply side, I think the core of supply side reform still is to encourage our enterprises to actively on the global market, actively participate in the international high-end industrial division, we realize the reform of supply side. If our eyes, our eyes do not stare at the entrepreneur to the globalization of energy-saving and new energy vehicle development trend and the globalization of the hybrid electric vehicle the benchmarking enterprise customer needs, then you're not an intrinsic motivation, extrinsic motivation is. The government's policy subsidy is an external driving force, and the internal driving force of an enterprise is eternal. Why? Customers must be forced you, forever forced you, including your quality, management level, technical progress, cost you, he is forced to the full range, this is our supply side in the direction of reform, is to allow enterprises to return to rational, return to the market, return to global industry trends. [17:51]

                    [People's Web]:Thank you. So far, what is the development of the hybrid car industry in our country? Because we are talking about enterprise will pursue the independent brand, which we corun played a what kind of? [17:52]

                    [Zhong Faping]: the development of automobile industry in our country is indeed in recent years has made considerable progress, mainly through such a large market pull, has become the world's largest car market. [17:52]

                    [Zhong Faping]:in this process does have some problems, these problems is China's independent research and development ability, especially some enterprises R & D capability, not with the expansion of enterprise development, the market has increased, but is weak. So he's bigger and less powerful, not big and strong. Therefore, in the process of the development of energy-saving and new energy vehicles, coupled with the policy and a little biased, some enterprises with more government subsidies of the baton, but his independent research slowly becomes more and more weak. Therefore, many of our industrial policies must be reviewed and reflected. Is this policy conducive to technological progress in this industry?. For example, a few years ago the home appliances to the countryside, we have problem, what is the technical level of home appliances to the countryside for the home appliance industry is still backward progress? Similarly, it is now the only way to develop a new electric vehicle powered by pure electricity. Is that a technological advance or a technical setback for traditional cars (about twenty million new units a year)? This, we think, is to reflect on. So, I think China's auto industry is facing a huge pressure for transformation and upgrading. The pressure must be geared to globalisation and to a client like market focused on globalization. If you just stare at the domestic market, or just stared at the subsidies for national industrial policy, it makes Chinese car industry faces technical setbacks, more speculative, makes his research ability and focus on the long-term strategic development ability will fall off. [17:52]

                    [People's Web]: we see [] 2025 and Chinese manufacturing energy-saving car Chinese among all the blue book in the future of our nation's hybrid vehicles, market outlook is expected to be optimistic, is expected to more than 1 million 500 thousand vehicles in 2020, you think this is what kind of influence for the future development of corun? [17:52]

                    [Zhong Faping]:I just talked about China's energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development, at the end of last year introduced the development of automobile industry in the next ten years of our country, especially in such cars, we are very pleased to see to advocate and use the depth of energy saving and emission reduction for hybrid electric vehicle. [17:52]

                    [Zhong Faping]:but we also note that the government has not introduced on how to realize the goal of supporting policies. How can this amount be achieved? For example, 1 million 500 thousand, 5 million, and 6 million 800 thousand vehicles are the targets to be achieved in the next ten years. Should our country's industrial policies make some adjustments, especially the policy of energy saving and new energy automotive industry? From the new energy vehicle single supports only pure electric drive, is not efficient so that some automobile industry development, especially in the depth of energy saving hybrid cars such an industry to encourage and support. I want to support in this regard, it can be said that a meter of sunshine can be exchanged for a brilliant. I hope the relevant state departments should pay special attention to energy-saving cars, especially the stock now, which means that we will add two thousand and six hundred to twenty-seven million cars each year. How do you do the energy-saving emission reduction in this large piece? What policies are introduced? No specific policy has yet been seen, but pure electric drive of new energy vehicles is a policy followed by one policy. As an automobile industry in such a big country, if the policy is biased or biased in one direction, it will have a negative impact on the whole development of the automobile industry in china. As you know, there is a process between traditional cars and pure electric new energy vehicles, and maybe even twenty or thirty years. These twenty or thirty years, the traditional car how to upgrade? In the relevant policy department this one country if not promptly formulate plan, step by step and the introduction of industrial policy specific guidance, I think our country's automobile industry will face a relatively large decline, we will get up early, catch a late set. [17:53]

                    [Zhong Faping]: we are so good a global biggest car market, if the Chinese automobile industry does not have a strong ability of technological progress for everyone, I think it is a very regrettable thing. But as corun company, we are responsible for China's energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development mission. In such vehicles especially the transformation and upgrading of traditional cars, we are willing to walk the road with interested in some OEMs and parts enterprises in energy saving and emission reduction work diligently, the national policy has not been introduced before, go with hold together, combined or integrated research. Research achievements in this platform to share to have an interest in promoting energy saving and emission reduction in China's automobile factory, we work together to reduce costs, we put together the whole industry chain, that we are talking about ecological industry chain is built, and make our due contribution to China's energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development and transformation our automobile industry upgrade. [17:53]

                    [People's Web]:  Thank you, we still want to return to the corun "13th Five-Year" period have a goal plan? [17:53]

                    [Zhong Faping]:We "13th Five-Year", is just speak a word, to build a platform, the open platform, so that the domestic automobile factory and domestic parts enterprises, we jointly reinforce such a platform, and actively promote the hybrid cars in China to promote the use of. In addition, we will be in the whole process, continue to do demonstration operations, is education, in which customers market popularization, wake up, leading consumers, we continue to accept, understand that hybrid cars turned out so well, the original price performance ratio can be so good, it can not charge the original. So a little investment can get a good effect of energy saving and emission reduction effect, we need to have the same spirit of great determination and courage, step by step to promote. We have full confidence in it. [17:53]

                    [People's Web]: Zhong Zong: Thank you very much for us today to share a our country hybrid vehicle industry development and technology policy information, and play the role of corun industry and future development goals, is very beneficial, thank you. [17:53]

                    [People's Web]:  today's program is over here, thank you for your attention, thank you! [17:54]