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                    Warm winter solstice, warmth Fu Fu

                        The winter solstice is an important solar term in the Chinese lunar calendar. It is also a traditional festival of the Chinese nation. The winter solstice is commonly known as "Winter Festival", "Long Festival" and "Asian Year". In ancient China, the winter solstice attaches great importance to the winter solstice as a large festival, had "winter solstice as big as" argument, but also to celebrate the winter solstice.

                         To the winter solstice festival as an opportunity, in order to enhance the staff's emotional exchange and hands-on ability to enrich the staff of amateur life. At the same time in order to carry forward the traditional cultural festival, so that everyone felt the warmth of collective workers, so the company organized a package dumplings, barbecue and other links activities, through this activity to the employees feel warm family warmth.

                         The first is the dumplings part of the game, and then PK, lose a group will be punished.



                    We listened carefully to the rules of the game and then start hands


                    Our grand total began to busy up   


                    The dumplings are in a good shape

                    Everyone is busy enjoying themselves

                    The United States and the United States of the children, all kinds of dumplings, forming a beautiful landscape.



                    Haha, a group began to lose the punishment, you have to see Joseph, do not want to escape, or obediently accept the punishment.

                    Dumplings to the pot 啦


                    Warm dumplings


                    After the tension in the game, now enter the barbecue friends happily friends.




                    Winter solstice you eat dumplings or glutinous rice balls do, in this busy city, do not forget to send yourself a warm love!