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                    Pure electric vehicle controller

                    Product detail

                    Pure electric vehicle controller: Vehicle controller is the core of the whole control system plays a role in control of the situation, the respective high-pressure monitor can accept the signal emitted, and be judged; controlled cooling system, brake system, vehicle speed, such as mileage. Fu Workers product has the following features:

                    ? advanced software to ensure the stable operation of the vehicle under different conditions;

                    ? by PID, fuzzy control algorithm to optimize the speed of the motor torque control;

                    ? via CAN bus to communicate with the BMS, and related information processing, effectively optimize energy consumption of lithium batteries;

                    ? built-in power supply voltage detection function, can effectively ensure the controller is working properly;

                    ? reserved interface controlled air conditioning, relays, and other related electrical vehicle;

                    ? secure real-time fault detection algorithm to ensure that the vehicle has good security;

                    ? practical PC software, the controller can debug and fault monitoring;

                    ? with CAN bus communication module, comprising three independent CAN transceiver module;

                    ? all external I / O, the internal circuitry and CAN transceiver circuits are using magnetic coupling element for security isolation;