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                    Four power converter

                    Product detail

                    Four power converter: two-way DC / AC can be matched synchronous, asynchronous motors, all the way DC / DC to charge the vehicle battery and provides DC power to low voltage components;


                    1, compact design, small installation space, high power density;

                    2, integrated optimization, cost control;

                    3, with the international standards and software features designed to meet the domestic and foreign regulatory requirements;

                    4, independent control of each high-voltage control and protection equipment bus loop to ensure that the local device failure, the vehicle safety;

                    5, the control board with a contactor detecting circuit, by observing the indicator, the work can be obtained for each contactor;

                    6. EBOX internal control function, using CAN communication internal contactor control, all the contactor is detected, send messages to the instrument through the form, and may be the entire high-voltage insulation system for real-time detection;

                    7, there is an internal short circuit protection, overvoltage, overcurrent protection improves the system stability, reliability, ease of use and reliability.