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                       Fu Gong Power Technology Co., Ltd. was established in March 2009, is a professional engaged in the new energy vehicle drive system assembly production of the National Torch Plan focused on high-tech enterprises.

                        As the first batch of professional engaged in new energy vehicle drive assembly research and development, production, sales and service as one of the company. Products related to hybrid drive assembly, pure electric assembly. Fu Gong products and Jinlong bus, Jinshu bus, Yutong bus, Yaxing bus, Hagrid bus, Dongfeng Yangtze River, Ankai bus, Dongfeng wagon, Shenwo bus more than 20 enterprises matching, sold to more than eight City, many times won the "China New Energy Bus Fuel Saver Competition", "China New Energy Bus Comprehensive Performance Competition", "China International Bus Competition" champion. Its performance, quality are received by the customer's praise and praise.

                        July 2015, Fu workers power "extended range / plug-in heavy commercial vehicle power system assembly development" project successfully passed the National Science and Technology High Technology Research and Development Center organized the "National 863 Plan" technology acceptance. February 28, 2016, by the Keli far, Geely Automobile, Chongqing Changan, the cloud within the power of the joint establishment of the CHS company, into the main Fukuo Power Technology Co., Ltd., to build the leading domestic commercial vehicle powertrain system platform and System solutions, crack the bottleneck of the development of domestic hybrid cars.

                       The company has a strong R & D team, the cumulative application for more than 150 national patents, software copyright 20. By the acquisition of national entrepreneurship leader, the first batch of entrepreneurs in Fujian Province, leading talent, Xiamen City, two hundred senior talent experts Sun Qiulin led, and with Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Fujian Province, major universities and motor, machinery and other related enterprises to carry out a wide range Cooperation. In 2014, the China-EU business was established by the Institute of Entrepreneurship in China. The first strategic alliance for technological innovation of the core components industry of the international new energy vehicles was established by the enterprises. Fu workers through the cohesion and integration of innovative resources, not only exercise their own, but also led the upstream and downstream industry chain of technological progress.

                        The world in my mind, the future I have to promote, Fu workers are as always adhere to the "development, efficiency and dedication" business philosophy, and vigorously promote scientific and technological progress, and continuously improve the management level and dedication to provide customers with high quality products and quality service Products and services, and customers go hand in hand for a better future.